WUJI: A unique Chinese dining experience like no other.

Irene Wuji Gre 029


The newly opened Wuji in Greenwich Ct  provides Chinese cuisine that is sure to please the eyes,  the taste buds as well as all the senses.

This is the first Connecticut opening of the Wuji group  with successful restaurants in nearby Rye and Scarsdale.  The whole menu concept at Wuji is fresh, organic, chemical free and made to order Chinese food.   All the  produce and meat is locally sourced and no MSG is added to any of the dishes.  The taste is pure and mouthwatering.  Wuji brings the farm-to table concept of dining to Chinese cuisine.   Wuji Founder, Jody Pennette  does an amazing job of combining great design  with authentic cuisine to this 71 seat restaurant.  The chefs are from outstanding restaurants in  China and are carefully selected by Mr. Pennette himself for their culinary talents. Complimenting the menu is the outstanding decor and level of design in the restaurant interior.  It is a very special dining space.


There is a beautiful custom bar in the front of WUJI  with a magnificent  antique wood frame mirror and large ceramic urns from China.  The bar serves a delicious  variety of cocktails  that you must try, such as the Blood Orange Mojito, Broken Heart Margarita, and the Lychee Martini.

Starters:  The spicy beef  Bao Bao Buns are a stand out appetizer featuring natural grass fed beef, crispy onions, and wasabi mayonnaise served on a soft fresh bao bao bun.  We sampled the fresh crab rangoons which were crispy and decadent with shredded crab meat and cream cheese dumpling served with a sweet and spicy sauce.

The Chinese Heritage spare ribs are a classic favorite and these are a delightful fusion of honey plum glaze over organic Berkshire pork ribs.  Very tasty.   For a light and authentic dim sum, try the Shanghai Soup Dumplings with  a fluffy dough filled with local organic vegetables.  A house favorite would seem to be the chilled peanut sesame noodles with cucumber and sesame vinaigrette.


The Main Course:  There are many stand out entrees on the menu including the Classic Peking Duck which is free range duck served with green onion, cucumber, and pancakes.   Tangerine beef another standard features grass fed organic beef in a tangy sauce with organic bok choi.    Another favorite was the Cantonese Roast Chicken , served with the skin with shallots and garlic.

The master chefs at WUJI have some unusual sides such as the spicy fired rice topped with organic fried egg , green chili and jalapeno (Spicy!!) and the Lobster Fried Rice with fresh poached lobster, egg , cilantro and kim chee.

Irene Wuji Gre 086

Spicy Fried Rice

For dessert try the Banana Spring Rolls with chocolate ice cream on the side.  Innovative and fun ! Our dinner ended with a sweet and unexpected surprise, green apple cotton candy !  An unexpected ending to a great meal.

Irene Wuji Gre 098

Banana Spring Roll

Irene Wuji Gre 104

Cotton Candy!

The meal and the entire experience at WUJI will take you on a magical food journey.  From the edgy modern music in the background, to the custom wooden furniture and accents, the creative lighting, outstanding decor and design,and slow spinning ceiling fans all combine to create a sexy, romantic feel to go along with the fine, fresh food.  Quite the dining experience.

Irene Wuji Gre 108

If you love locally sourced ingredients, organic foods, and a fresh and authentic take on Chinese dishes , then you should make it a point to try WUJI in Greenwich.



68 East Putnam Ave Greenwich Ct


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