Taste of New Paltz returns September 18th 2016


A Taste of New Paltz returns on September 18th 2016 to the Ulster County Fairgrounds in New Paltz NY.   A Taste of New Paltz is a yearly event presented by the New Paltz Regional Chamber of Commerce.


The event includes restaurants, craft beers, local Hudson Valley wineries and local businesses.


Some of the participating restaurants will be the famous Mohonk Mountain House, Mexicali Blue, La Cabanita, Village Pizza and more.



Local wineries will include Robibero, Whitecliff Vineyards, and Benmarl.

There is also entertainment during the day including bands and a magician.

For admission Ticket information and tasting ticket information please visit the website below.

After the event stop by the charming Village Of New Paltz for great shopping at unique shops, and of course more great dining.


Taste of New Paltz

Ulster County Fairgrounds  Libertyville Road  New Paltz NY

Tickets and information:  http://www.tasteofnewpaltz.com/


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A star studded event to support the Bedford Playhouse on Friday August 26th

bedford play house

The Bedford Playhouse, a fixture in Bedford Village for decades was saved last year from being converted from a cinema to retail space.  The historic theater is undergoing renovations but donations are still needed to bring the vision of the theater as a vibrant community hub to life.

On Friday August 26, 2016  The Bedford Playhouse will host an wonderful star studded evening with local performers including Glenn Close, Paul Shaffer, Chevy Chase, Robert Klein, Jeffrey Tambor and Chazz Palminteri.    There will also be a musical performance by singer Marissa Mc Gowan who will be introduced by the widow of the late Marvin Hamlisch.

The newly renovated and transformed Bedford Playhouse will now have three separate theaters.  The main theater will be a 250 seat state of the art theater, the second will be a smaller intimate theater for screening independent, family, and foreign films and a third space which will be for screenings, education, and small theatrical performances.   There will also be a small cafe.

bedford playhouse 3

So help the Playhouse in its final fundraising push and enjoy an evening out with some local celebrities.

When:  August 26, 2016

Where: Harvey School Walker Center for the  Arts   260 Jay Street Katonah NY

Cost : $300   to purchase  http://www.bedfordplayhouse.org/events

Bedford playhouse 2

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Rosemary and Vine in Rye: A new Mediterranean restaurant offering a healthy flavorful menu

Frank phone 118

Rosemary and Vine is a wonderful new restaurant that opened earlier this year in Rye New York.   The cuisine of this newcomer to the Westchester restaurant scene is Mediterranean vegetarian with an emphasis on healthy organic ingredients.

Irene Wuji Gre 164


The concept of the owners is for diners to try new foods and eat a different and healthy cuisine culled from regions around the  Mediterranean and the Middle East.  All the food is fresh and prepared in-house in the open style kitchen.  Family recipes are incorporated in the menu and are perfectly seasoned to bring out the most of the unique dishes.


The restaurant is housed in a mid 19th century building on Purchase Street in downtown Rye.  The interior space has been renovated and is light filled and casual with minimal decor yet artistic touches.  The floor echoes the Mediterranean theme with its handmade Moroccan tile floor, interesting lighting, original tin ceiling and bistro style seating.  There is a small bar, and a chalk board which informs diners of the particular farm fresh organic ingredients being used in the restaurant that week.

Starters:  There are many fun appetizers to sample.  I tried ‘The Tasting”, a nice selection of homemade dips that consist of a unique hummus, a Chipotle hummus, mohjamara( a dip with fire roasted peppers, pureed with toasted walnuts, olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, and pomegranate), and  a family recipe Babaganoush (smoky fire roasted eggplant with tahini, garlic and lemon).  The tasting is served with oven toasted Lebanese Pita chips.  This is a great choice as a starter as it has many interesting flavors to please the senses.

Irene Wuji Gre 149

The Tasting

The avocado crostini is another healthy starter and a delightful dish.  Avocado is blended with Moroccan pesto (parsley, cilantro, cumen, coriander and garlic) and the combined with feta, peas and mint over toasted bread. The blend of spices in this appetizer are a delight.  A light and summery dish and so healthy too.

Frank phone 129

Avocado Crustini

Rosemary and Vine also offers many salads with certified organic offerings and cheese boards.  The cheeses are sourced from a creamery in Vermont.

The Main course: 

There are also grilled flatbreads made with 100% organic flour.   We enjoyed “The Sarah’ a flatbread pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan and basil.  A crispy and light crust with robust flavor.  This was a hit and a great choice for kids or someone in your party who is not adventuresome or into vegetarian dishes.

Frank phone 137

“The Sarah”  flatbread pizza

My favorite entree is the saffron scented Moroccan Tagine, a  nice medley of chick peas, zucchini, butternut squash with toasted almonds and Moroccan pesto. A unique and flavorful dish that is so healthy as well.

Frank phone 138


Dessert:  The desserts are all homemade and dairy free.  The dark chocolate pudding is smooth as silk with 70% dark Valrhona chocolate, coconut milk and bourbon vanilla beans.  Delicious!

I also recommend the warm chocolate cake served with sweetened strawberries and whipped cream.  A light and fun way to wrap up your meal.

There are also many local craft beers and wines available on the menus and many of the wines are sourced from family owned Mediterranean vineyards.   A fun and light cocktail I samples was The Americana, a fun version of the classic white wine spritzer served with orange peel.  For a non alcohol alternative try the Persian Nectar ice tea with black tea and peaches.

Irene Wuji Gre 138

Rosemary and Vine is  healthy Mediterranean style gem of a restaurant and the perfect option for anyone looking for a new and fun option for dining.  For healthy eaters who are concerned with the ingredients in your meal, this restaurant is a must visit.  The small plates allow you to sample a  number of dishes and enjoy the wonderful combination of spices and flavors.  Try Rosemary and Vine and pick out something you have never tried before,  and you will be in for a pleasant and healthy surprise.


Rosemary and Vine

29 Purchase Street Rye New York

914 481 8660


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WUJI: A unique Chinese dining experience like no other.

Irene Wuji Gre 029


The newly opened Wuji in Greenwich Ct  provides Chinese cuisine that is sure to please the eyes,  the taste buds as well as all the senses.

This is the first Connecticut opening of the Wuji group  with successful restaurants in nearby Rye and Scarsdale.  The whole menu concept at Wuji is fresh, organic, chemical free and made to order Chinese food.   All the  produce and meat is locally sourced and no MSG is added to any of the dishes.  The taste is pure and mouthwatering.  Wuji brings the farm-to table concept of dining to Chinese cuisine.   Wuji Founder, Jody Pennette  does an amazing job of combining great design  with authentic cuisine to this 71 seat restaurant.  The chefs are from outstanding restaurants in  China and are carefully selected by Mr. Pennette himself for their culinary talents. Complimenting the menu is the outstanding decor and level of design in the restaurant interior.  It is a very special dining space.


There is a beautiful custom bar in the front of WUJI  with a magnificent  antique wood frame mirror and large ceramic urns from China.  The bar serves a delicious  variety of cocktails  that you must try, such as the Blood Orange Mojito, Broken Heart Margarita, and the Lychee Martini.

Starters:  The spicy beef  Bao Bao Buns are a stand out appetizer featuring natural grass fed beef, crispy onions, and wasabi mayonnaise served on a soft fresh bao bao bun.  We sampled the fresh crab rangoons which were crispy and decadent with shredded crab meat and cream cheese dumpling served with a sweet and spicy sauce.

The Chinese Heritage spare ribs are a classic favorite and these are a delightful fusion of honey plum glaze over organic Berkshire pork ribs.  Very tasty.   For a light and authentic dim sum, try the Shanghai Soup Dumplings with  a fluffy dough filled with local organic vegetables.  A house favorite would seem to be the chilled peanut sesame noodles with cucumber and sesame vinaigrette.


The Main Course:  There are many stand out entrees on the menu including the Classic Peking Duck which is free range duck served with green onion, cucumber, and pancakes.   Tangerine beef another standard features grass fed organic beef in a tangy sauce with organic bok choi.    Another favorite was the Cantonese Roast Chicken , served with the skin with shallots and garlic.

The master chefs at WUJI have some unusual sides such as the spicy fired rice topped with organic fried egg , green chili and jalapeno (Spicy!!) and the Lobster Fried Rice with fresh poached lobster, egg , cilantro and kim chee.

Irene Wuji Gre 086

Spicy Fried Rice

For dessert try the Banana Spring Rolls with chocolate ice cream on the side.  Innovative and fun ! Our dinner ended with a sweet and unexpected surprise, green apple cotton candy !  An unexpected ending to a great meal.

Irene Wuji Gre 098

Banana Spring Roll

Irene Wuji Gre 104

Cotton Candy!

The meal and the entire experience at WUJI will take you on a magical food journey.  From the edgy modern music in the background, to the custom wooden furniture and accents, the creative lighting, outstanding decor and design,and slow spinning ceiling fans all combine to create a sexy, romantic feel to go along with the fine, fresh food.  Quite the dining experience.

Irene Wuji Gre 108

If you love locally sourced ingredients, organic foods, and a fresh and authentic take on Chinese dishes , then you should make it a point to try WUJI in Greenwich.



68 East Putnam Ave Greenwich Ct


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Next Stop: Exit 4 In Mount Kisco


Food halls are undeniably one of the latest trends in dining. While prominent in New York City, food halls are starting to make their way into the Hudson Valley. Exit 4 Food Hall is the first one to open in Westchester County. Take a trip to Mount Kisco to taste the amazing local and fresh flavors at Exit 4.


This dining venue offers 9 food stations for customers to try. The restaurant prides itself in serving fresh and local food. Mt. Kisco Seafood, wood fired pizza made from scratch, homemade pasta, and even Myong Salad are the participating local food providers. The restaurant even offers beverages from local breweries and coffee purveyors. Stations include Rotiss-A-Q, Panini/ Sandwich/ Wrap Station, Dirty Roots (salads and smoothies), Fuoco Wood Fired Pizza, Inno Sushi, Piacci Pasta Bar, X4 on Tap, Charcuterie, and Rawsome Seafood Bar.

With 9 stations available, there is always something new and exciting to try. If you come with a group there is a dining option for everyone.

You can meet and converse with new people by sitting at one of Exit 4’s communal tables. Following the theme of sustainability, glass bottles with filtered water is also provided.


We started our meal with a Bok Choi salad from Dirty Roots (Myong). This healthy yet dynamic salad was comprised of sunflower seeds, walnuts, dried mango, cranberries, and crunchy noodles drizzled in a light red chili vinaigrette.


Bok Choi Salad


We then devoured brussles sprouts pasta from Piacci. The linguini is homemade and prepared daily at Exit 4. This certainly was the perfect summer dish; a very light pasta incorporated with brussles sprouts and butternut squash. The sprinkled pancetta made for a flavorsome topping.

From Inno Sushi, we tried the crispy rice sushi special. Even my-non seafood lover buddy couldn’t get enough of this delish fare. Spicy tuna and jalapeños were delicately topped on firm crispy rice. The contrast between crunch of the rice and zest of the sushi made for a party in my mouth. Inno Sushi devotes themselves to emulating the most popular and newest sushi trends. This includes the trendy sushi burrito and poke bowls.


Our group then ordered a chicken bowl and brisket burrito from Rotiss-A-Q. In a crispy taco bowl were pieces of rotisserie chicken layered with guacamole, pico de gallo, rice, beans, cheddar, lettuce and roasted veggies.   The brisket burrito included rice, beans, corn, and lettuce. It was fresh and delicious.

I could not pass up trying the high quality fish tacos. These appetizing tacos constituted of tantalizing pico de gallo, luscious avocado and other tasty spices.


Fish Tacos

We then noshed on a very flavorful and unique wood-fired fig pizza. This unconventional pizza included fig, prosciutto, caramelized onions, fresh mozzarella and Italian parsley. There are a variety of pizzas to choose: from traditional pizza to unique pies. Try the Stracciatella or Pistachio for something new and exciting.

To finish this spectacular meal, we unanimously decided to order the skillet cookie. A warm gooey cookie with large chocolate chunks was brought to the table. A scoop of refreshing vanilla ice cream laid perfectly on top of this marvelous creation.


Skillet Cookie

For a fun and different dining alternative, make sure you stop at Exit 4 Dining Hall in Mt. Kisco.


Exit 4 Food Hall


153 Main St. Mount Kisco, NY 10549

(914) 241-1200


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Best of Gold Coast Connecticut Party 2016 was a big success!

irene phone bogoldcoast 174


The Best of the Gold Coast Connecticut 2016 party held on July 27th in Stamford was a big success and a great party.

This event showcased the area’s finest businesses and restaurants which were all chosen by the readers and editors of the 5 Moffly Media magazines (Greenwich, New Canaan-Darien, Fairfield Living and Stamford Magazines.)

irene phone bogoldcoast 182

There was a wide showcase of amazing shops, entertainment, unique food as well as fun and innovative cocktails and drink selections.   This truly was the “best” of everything party and a fun time was had by all.

irene phone bogoldcoast 178irene phone bogoldcoast 151irene phone bogoldcoast 159

Next up is the Best of Greenwich Party 2016 to be held on August 8th at the Delamar Hotel in Greenwich.    See article for more information and tickets to that event.


irene phone bogoldcoast 187

Click the link below to read about the Best of Greenwich 2016 party !



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Arezzo Ristorante: fine waterfront Italian dining in Westport

arezzo 18

If you want a Tuscany inspired dining experience then you must try Arezzo Ristorante in Westport Connecticut.  The restaurant is set alongside the Saugatuck River  with gorgeous waterfront views.  Diners can choose to eat inside in the covered sun deck, or on the open air patio complete with umbrellas and an outdoor bar.

There is a newly renovated interior with stone archways, stucco walls and charming dark wood beams.  The bar inside is also inviting with dark leather accents and rich wood details.

arezzo 1

Fun and innovative cocktails


The menu has quite a selection with dishes finished in the high heat of the wood burning oven.  There are delicious homemade pastas, unique pizza selections and fresh fish, chicken and meat dishes from which to choose.  For the salad lover there are many choices from seasonal produce and fun creations such as roasted beets, pistachios and shaved artichokes.

Irene Phone 235

Pasta Tasting:  Orecchettie with sausage, Gnocchi, and Seafood Risotto



Entree selections include dishes for all tastes such as Filet Mignon, Melanzane al forno (Eggplant), various chicken and veal dishes, as well as seafood delights such as Branzino, Fisherman’s Stew (scallops, shrimp, and calamari in a tomato broth with fennel) and more.

arezzo 8

Halibut aqua pazza with clams, mussels in a cherry tomato broth

There is also an delightful selection of desserts including fruit tarts, brulees , tiramisu and gelato.

arezzo 9


The view from the outdoor patio is fantastic and the overall ambiance is perfect for dining al fresco on a warm summer evening.   For a real Italian restaurant experience,  check out Arezzo Ristorante in downtown Westport.  Delicioso!

Arezzo Ristorante/Bar

5 Riverside Ave  Westport Ct      203-557-9375


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Best of Greenwich 2016 Party returns!



The fabulous party of the year, “Best Of Greenwich 2016” returns on Monday August 8th.   This party which is hosted by Greenwich Magazine is a celebration of the best that Greenwich Ct has to offer.  The party will be held at the Delamar Greenwich Harbor Hotel overlooking the water.  A fantastic location for a summer party!


Greenwich Magazine readers and editors have chosen the “Best” in many categories, including in the Cuisine category: Best New Restaurant, Best Seafood, Best Creative Menu, Best Outdoor Dining and many more.  Other categories include best bars, fitness places, home decor, markets and so much more.

best of g 2

Best of Greenwich

Food and drink will be served and the list of local restaurants providing  food will be L’Escale, Le Penguin, Little Pub, Fiord, Gabriel’s, Elm Street Oyster House, Meli Melo and many more.  Drinks will be provided to guests by Val’s Putnam  Wine and Liquor, Keel Vodka, and Pernod Ricard.

Guests will be entertained by Nanni Assis Brazilian Trio.

Greenwich Magazine is published by Moffly Media

 The Best of Greenwich 2016 Party

 Date: Monday, August 8, 2016
Time: 7-10 pm
Location: Delamar Greenwich Hotel       500 Steamboat Road Greenwich Ct.

Tickets: $55 online, $65 at the door

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Million Dollar Quartet: Rock & Roll history comes to life at the Westchester Broadway Theater


Quartet 1

The musical “Million Dollar Quartet” is rocking audiences at the Westchester Broadway Theater.  The international hit musical which ran on Broadway and received three Tony Nominations was inspired by an actual event in Rock and Roll history.  On December 4, 1956, four early Rock and Roll artists just happen to get together at Sun Records Studios in Memphis for a jam session.   The artists that came together that night were Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins (Blue Suede Shoes), Johnny Cash and a new comer named Jerry Lee Lewis (Great Balls of Fire).   The session which was recorded became rock and roll legend and the four would never play together again.

JVP03001 (1480x1184)

The musical is inspired by that fateful evening back in 1956.  The performance is part rock concert,  and part musical.  Inter weaved with all the great Rock and Roll songs from that era is the story of Sun Records,  Sam Phillips and the artists themselves.

Sam Phillips was the owner of Sun Records Studio, a tiny shop  in Memphis. Phillips had an uncanny ability of discovering raw talent.  It was he who discovered and promoted a  young Elvis Presley , Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins,  Jerry Lee Lewis, and later Roy Orbison who would all become some of the biggest stars in early Rock music history.

JVP_0241 (1280x1024)

The musical takes place entirely in Sun Studios on the evening of December 4, 1956.  The story is narrated by Sam Phillips who sets the scene of that fateful evening.   Carl Perkins has come to the studios with his brother and their drummer to work on a new record.  Sam Phillips has brought in a new talent, a feisty and unpredictable Jerry Lee Lewis to play piano on the track.  Later Johnny Cash drops in to discuss his contract renewal with Sun Records.  Eventually Elvis and his girlfriend stop by (Elvis at this point has moved on to RCA records)  and the jam session begins.   The stage design is brilliant and depicts the studio and recording room of Sun Records, and really transports the viewer back in time.  Very effective.


The audience not only learns some of the history of these important artists, but are treated to a lively concert of great hits including, Blue Suede Shoes, Great Balls of Fire, Matchbox, Fever, Whole lot of Shakin’ Going on, Folsom Prison Blues and more.  The cast shows off its talents at acting, singing and playing guitar or piano.  The actors are not trying to actually impersonate or imitate the original artists.   Their performances are more inspired by the actual artists which allows their talents to really shine.  The performance was fantastic and the cast received a standing ovation from the opening night crowd.

The production stars Dominique Scott as Jerry Lee Lewis , Ari McKay Wilford as Elvis Presley, Sky Seals as Johnny Cash, Jason Loughlin as Sam Phillips, John Michael Presney as Carl Perkins, and Bligh Voth as Dyanne (girlfriend of Elvis).  Rounding out the cast are Sam Weber as the stand up bass playing Jay Perkins, and David Sonneborn as Fluke.  Set Design by Derek McLane .

Directed by Hunter Foster, who appeared in the original cast. The musical director is David Sonneborn.


Photo from the original jam session 1956

Million Dollar Quartet runs through September 11, 2016

Discounts available for groups (20 or more)

Dinner (salad, entree and dessert) is served prior to the performance and is included in the purchase price.    Wine and cocktails available at additional cost.  Luxury Boxes are also available for groups of 6 to 20.

For ticket information:

Westchester Broadway Theater

1 Broadway Plaza

Elmsford New York 10526


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Best of the Gold Coast Party! A party not to miss !



A great party is coming on July 28th 2016 to our area.   The Best of the Gold Coast party is the celebration of the summer that you cannot miss!   The Best of the Gold Coast celebrates the finest restaurants, chefs, creative talent and businesses from the Gold Coast of Connecticut.

At the party there is a fabulous mix of fine food, drinks, cocktails, entertainment and more.  The winners of the Best of the Gold Coast are chosen by the readers and editors of all 5 magazines published by Moffly Media (Greenwich, Westport, New Cannan-Darien, Stamford and Fairfield Living magazines).


The main categories are best “Food and Drink”, “Living and Home” and “Style and Beauty”.  In other words, the party celebrates the best of everything.

So come out for a night of fun, because it only comes once a year!

When:  July 28th 2016  from 6pm to 9pm  (General Admission at 7pm)

Where : Hilton Stamford – 1 First Stamford Place, Stamford, CT 06902

Tickets :Exclusive pre-party “Behind the Velvet Rope” entrance at 6:00 pm — $100

General Admission:  $65 enter at 7pm

To purchase tickets and for more information on the party and Moffly Media’s outstanding magazines:


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